Sunday, July 7, 2013

South Dakota

We began July 6th with a visit to Gayle Cerullo and LeRoy Kindler and their Belted Galloway and Galloway ranch. We are enjoyed once again a clear blue sky day, as we have heard from our daughter back home that it has rained, rained, and more rain.  Pictured below are a few pictures from their beautiful farm in Newell, South Dakota.

 Since we are into the Fourth of July weekend, we just couldn't leave the state without seeing Mount Rushmore.  As we were coming around the bend to our first view of the Sculpture, our Daughter called again.  We were oooing and awhing and asked her if she could remember the four presidents represented.  She got three immediately, but had to take a second guess on the fourth.  Can you name all four of the presidents in Mt. Rushmore?
As we next made our way out of the Black Hills of South Dakota and into the Badlands, I don't know why but all the patriotic songs seemed to come alive in the landscape.  "fields of ever waving grain", "where the buffalo roam" and and the "sky is not cloudy all day" seemed to be the theme.  We saw the largest buffalo heard that we have seen so far, about 300 we guessed.
The badlands were pretty amazing after coming out of the mountains and passing through the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands.  What a full day.

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