Saturday, July 13, 2013

Back Home

I haven't posted in a couple of days due to being back home and catching up on Laundry and mowing grass.  We came home through Illinois and Indiana.  One thing about being close to home is getting to view our favorite wildlife. These were just enjoying a meal close to the road.
Upon arriving home, I looked out to see two turkey, the male showing off for the female of course!  I have also had time to enjoy the bounties of my labor in my flower gardens. Everything that I had planted from seed in the greenhouse in March and worked hard to keep alive, during our lengthy cool spring, without a heater in the greenhouse, really grew in the month we were gone. Below are some of my favorites.

I had a lot of weeding, and deadheading to do, but am getting it done.  Jon worked the Farmer's Market this morning and we both commented that when we take the October and February trips that we've planned, it will be easier to keep up with what needs to be managed at home.  I won't be mowing as much, horses can be left out and he won't be doing the market then.  We look forward to the next trip, but everyone always knows that it's great to be back home.  I will continue to occasionally update the blog with happenings around our farm and from the market, and look forward to sharing more of our Belted Galloway farm travels in the fall.

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