Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 9, 2013

We hated leaving the awesome campgrounds in Minnesota, but now it was on to Wisconsin. We stayed at Devil's Lake State park and met our friends and their Daughter, from Dellafield, WI.   We hiked the Devil's lake Bluffs which was strenuous on a hot day and breathtaking. 
In the above picture, Jon and I are at one of the bluff view points looking at the lake that we later kayaked on. No gas motors are allowed on the lake. The lake is so clear that on our hike along the North Shore, we came upon a scuba diving group. While kayaking, we could see bottom pretty far from shore, also. 
Jon and I, along with our friends from Kentucky and Wisconsin enjoyed the hikes and the beach at the lake. 
Above Jon is doing the Lewis and Clark stance, as we have seen this picture many times on the trip west and some back east now. 
The above shows the beauty of a lake without gas motor boats. Kayaks, sailboats, rowboats and fishermen stuffed down in rubber rafts with webbed feet to move along, are many of the sites we enjoyed here.  We hated to leave such a beautiful place after two nights. 
We all enjoyed the exercise and beauty.  Now though, it is on to Illinois. 

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