Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Glacier National Park

Wow, what a day.  We left the camper today to go on a Red Car Tour from the campgrounds up "Going to the Sun Road, the summit being Logan Pass and then back down to Lake McDonald.  The ride was awesome and our guide gave the history of the area as well as including Native American frontier storytelling, right up my ally for what I really love to do in my Drama Classes.  The views were 'fantastical'.  Below is a picture of Jon and I after enjoying a storytelling about the island over my right shoulder. Basically, the story told about how two geese led to all geese mate for life.  (I'll have to save the long version for a school Native American storytelling)
The next picture is of Jon at the Logan's Pass stop. I would have loved to hike all day here.  We saw several people carrying their skis to ski higher up the trail.
In the following picture,  Jon wanted to have a picture of the car we traveled in, probably about as long as the truck with the camper, but a lot lower to fit under the sides of the mountain ledges.
 Waterfalls were abundant around every turn.  Our guide told us that last week she drove in snow, sleet and much colder temperatures.  She added that today was perfect and I agree. We still saw snow and got to experience the waterfalls.
 The following image is one of my personal favorites from the trip because it shows how the road lets the water fall go under the road through tunnels.  It's also a bit scary to think about and view.  There were a few times when I (sitting at a window seat with a view of the ravine) wanted to climb over the other three passengers to my left to gain access to the other side of the car!
 So here we are in "Big Sky Country" that gives such a glorious view of the aqua marine blue of the lakes. A perfect day.  Jon got a break from driving and we were captivated by the views and the storytelling entertainment along the way.  Tomorrow we keep heading east.

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