Thursday, August 11, 2016

World Galloway Congress

We have enjoyed the Congress in Scotland, not only is this country absolutely beautiful but the Hospitality is wonderful. Here are some pictures from our visit.
 We arrived early Thursday morning with very little sleep and got on the road, the opposite side of the road. I'm taking this picture .....  from the passenger seat. 

The host hotel for the World Galloway Congress was Gretna Hall Hotel. The history dating back to the 1700s. 
We had over 300 people representing @ 15 countries. 

We began with a dinner and flag parade on Friday, August 5th. 
On Saturday we began by attending the Dumfries Agricultural show. 

We enjoyed the service of the Beltie Beer Bar while In the hospitality tent. We thank them for being there!!!

Our World Galloway Flags were represented as a part of the Grand Parade. A wee bit drizzly at the time ;)

Sunday Jon spent most of the day in meetings. Our Executive Director was still waiting for his luggage to arrive and Jon was elected Vice President of the World Galloway Congress due to the US hosting the event in 2020. 
I explored two towns on foot. 
I'm impressed by how clean every thing is even though such old historical places.

Gretna Green is a place for love. Such beautiful sculptures and places for weddings.  

On my walk through Springfield, I noticed this and thought. "Make use and beauty out of everything"

I do believe we have several sitting in our garage. Hummmm....

Monday the 8th we boarded busses and first went to Tim Oliver's East Farm, in Northumberland, in North East England.  He is a 7th generation grassland farmer. The following are pictures from his farm. 

The stone walls remind me of Kentucky. 

We then boarded the busses to The McClymonts. They have farmed since 1967. There farm is in the Yarrow Vakkey in the Scottish Borders. 

Check out how we got around. We surrounded the cattle with tractors and feeding trailers. 

More to come when I have good wifi. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

In Scotland

What a wonderful visit we are having. We have had our body clocks adjust and are three days into the World Galloway Congress trip. Today is the Dumfries & Lockerbie Agricultural Society show. Amazingly beautiful day and awesome Galloway, Belted Galloway and horses here. 
We are enjoying this scenery. I may have to take in the horse show too.  It's the Kentucky in me!!

More to come. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Aldo Leopold Shack Visit

I am so excited to finally be here. We are visiting the Leopold center and the famous snack from "The Sand County Almanac". This, is a good day!!!

The below is the place where Leopold fought the fire and lost his life. 

The next Picture is of his guns and gun cabinet. Such history in the gun on the left. 

The Leopold Center is amazing too. I have to post more pics and information  later from my good camera. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pierson Farm and Vermont

We enjoyed some time with family and friends in the "Green Mountain" state. 

Above David and Jon are making sure that all is ready for travel 

We always try to lunch after visiting Uncle Melvin at Post Mills Airport. 

Saying goodbye and headed home. 

The leaves were at peak for viewing on the way home. I will have to post some pics from the good camera later. These are all from I-phone. 

Skys are clearing as we head home. We will have some catching up to do, like mowing and paperwork. It's nice to vacation, but always good to get home. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fryeburg Fair Belted Galloway Show

What a wonderful grounds and show. Scot Adams says more than 80 Belted Galloway are participating in the show. Here are some pictures from the barns, preparation for show and the Heifer class
The stalls are all fancied up with fall decorations. 

Notice, even the Belted Galloway Flag!

Waiting to enter the ring. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Back on the Road

We are back on the road, heading first to Maine for the Fryeburg Fair too see some Beltie folks and then to Vermont to see relatives. I am so happy happy happy to be traveling again. Hope there is some color in the Northeast. More pictures to come!
How fitting!  The gas station above that is!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Great Lakes Belted Galloway Field Day at Red Barn Farms

We are enjoying a beautiful day at the Abney's. Here is Doug kicking off the meeting.  Red Barn Farm in Indiana. 

Yes we brought the camper. Check out the Red Barn!
Such a beautiful location.