Thursday, July 11, 2013


It was pretty awesome at the Badlands. We had the opportunity to view it wet. This is when it is prettiest. 
We took several pictures from the distance and many up close. 
Next, Monday, July 8 th,  We drove through Minnasota to pick up some friends in Minneapolis airport and just so we could say that we've been there, we all went to Mall of America. I did buy one thing, our son's fianc√©, a birthday present.  So, I confess, I did shop a bit. Those of you that know me, know that is very unusual!
My favorite thing at Mall America. Was the Lego display! I (Sylvia) love playing with Legos. 
We sat up camp for the evening.  We stayed at Frontenac State Park and took a river walk along the Mississippi River to Eagle watch. We saw many Eagle and even got to see them diving for fish. 
At this point, one of our friends was tent camping. So we started a fire, sat up camp and enjoyed a beautiful evening catching up on news from home and visiting. 

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