Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Magic Mile

The end of my birthDAY we made it to the NASCAR races at the Magic mile.  We had planned to camp at the New Hampshire race facility and what an awesome facility it is!  The shower building is just awesome - better that some other campgrounds we have stayed at and we were within walking distance of the track and festivities.  We set up camp, ate dinner and prepared to partake in the activities.

Pictured below are from the 5 K race that proceeded the parade of haulers.

The "mascot"

below is the upper hill above our camp area - I have never seen so many camp areas and campers packed into a place.

Jon and I enjoyed the parade of haulers.  This pic has "Ford Racing" for our son that works as a mechanic at Ford

After this it is a quick trip back home.  We have some visitors coming to the farm on Thursday, so we need to get back and catch up a bit.  A friend of mine says that we "don't let much grass grow under our feet" and I guess it is true.  Jon and I do stay busy, but we do also like lush thick grass for the cattle- tee hee!

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