Sunday, September 15, 2013


Now that we have faster internet service, I wanted to include several pictures from the farms that we have visited in the last week.  The Northeast is so beautiful in September.   Our first stop was Persistence Run Farm in Maryland, which was our grand prize winner in the 2014 calendar contest.  It was such a pleasure to spend time with the Adams.  I (sylvia) really enjoyed their children, doing everything from gymnastics to star gazing.  We enjoyed being in with the cattle and enjoying the outdoors.  Jon and I envied them starting into farming with their children still younger.  Their children really are involved.  It is a busy life and we miss those days with our own children as they have moved away from the farm.

 Our next stop was at Choptank farm in Delaware.  We couldn't believe how warm the weather was for September.  

We then went to visit Michelle Ogle, the vice president of the Belted Galloway Society.  We couldn't be this close to her operation without stopping by to say Hi!  She has a lot to manage, but we still found time to go to the General Store for lunch.  New Jersey is still trying to catch up from some of Sandy's storm damage, but with all the rain this year it is very green in September.

Next we stopped in Rhode Island to visit Harmony Meadows.  The Romani family was preparing for and attending the "Big E", which will be in the next blog entry.  It was nice to drive by the field stone walls in and around Rhode Island.  It reminded me of our stone walls in Kentucky.  Below are some pictures, though the cattle were enjoying the shade on the rather warm September day.

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