Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Moon Shadow Farm

From Vermont, we took a trip to Maine.  September 18th, found us at Scott and Christine Adams at MoonShadow Farm.  You could tell that Scott and Christine are into Conservation practices, as we are.  These cattle live the life.  From the beautiful barn, feeding pads, to wonderful lush grass, they look awesome.  Scott and Christine were at the Big E for the Show and then they were both heading right out again the next day to other shows. I'm sure Jon got some other wonderful ideas for our farm and land from them.

 It was great to see this sign on Scott and Christine's fence.  Jon also proudly places his Conservation signs on our fences.

Sometimes I feel that putting a picture in of our camper along with the places we visit puts a little perspective to all the miles that we have traveled in the last two years.  Jon's goal of 48 states in 2 years is becoming a reality. We now have completed 40.

 Isn't this and awesome feed pad? And it completely goes around 3 sides of the barn!

 Pictured below, this little one was taking a nap in the feeder, until I disturbed him - Awhhhhhh

Below- Just a little coaxing with some tempting hay to get them to leave the lush fields and come closer to us and the camera

As you can see below, participating in the shows is very important to the Adams. I was a bit out of focus on these indoor shots - probably talking while taking the pictures.

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