Friday, June 28, 2013

Siuslaw River - Oregon

Today Jon's sister, her husband, David and I started our Kayak at Bender Landing on the North Fork of the Siuslaw River looking at some cattle in the shade along the river.  We then saw:  Racing ducks, blue herons, an eagle, a deer swim across a narrow part in the river, and several seal playing and eating. We went from the North Fork Siuslaw to the mainstream of the Siuslaw and watched lots of folks digging for clams.  Looked like hard work to me!   As we made our way to Florence,on the Siuslaw River,  to look at the boats docked, we saw another seal waiting to be fed from the fishermen.  Such a perfect day to be on the water.  The tide and weather made for a wonderful 4 mile trip. So peaceful and just out observing nature.

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