Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Made it to the West Coast

We've reached the Pacific Ocean and I (Sylvia) have already been in the ocean. I went to dip my toes in and ended up with water up to my waist - unintentionally.  The surf in Florence Oregon is a bit more than what I experience in Little Gasparilla Florida.  I still loved it - soaked pants and all.  I can't wait to swim in the Pacific tomorrow.  We are going to be visiting Jon's Sister and her husband for the next few days.  We will be kayaking, hiking and living in a bigger space for a while besides the camper.  After the drive here, Jon "rested his eyes" a bit and now we are settling in to an awesome seafood feast, one of my favorite things about visiting this coast. Crab and Smoked Salmon are two of our favorites.  The next farm we will visit is in Washington State.  We'll  post a few fun pics till then, taking a little driving break.  A thought - 'So at this point starting last October, we have been coast to coast :)'

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