Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Post Mills Airport

From the Big E in Mass. we then traveled to Vermont to visit Jon's relatives.  My favorite part of visiting Vermont other than being with family was visiting the Post Mills Airport.  If you've never been to Post Mills it is a unique and wonderful place.  The first time I visited, we went through the museum.  I love all of the Hot Air Balloon seats and how there are crutches arranged everywhere.  I've been up in a hot air balloon before exactly 30 years prior to this day in Vermont. Jon had treated me for my birthday, before we married.  

Each time we visit, we either go here to watch the planes and eat lunch or fly.  Several years ago,  Jon paid and I flew in a glider, like the one below, but this year I got a really special treat, and the best Birthday Present Ever!

I could honestly just lay on the ground and watch the planes all day, plus it was such a glorious September day to begin with! 

Now for the special treat - I got to fly in the 1940s plane below.  Karl said he was wanting to go up and asked if anyone would like to go.  I contained my 'shout' and said "YES".  I asked Jon and Aunt Tina if they wanted to go, but they said - no.  Later I found out that they were sitting on the ground worried about if this guy would just take me off somewhere.  Take me off somewhere is exactly what he did, and it was so exciting!  We flew over the beautiful Vermont countryside and down the Connecticut River.  I had such fun!  Karl was so nice to take me on a wonderful ride.

The above is the plane that I was in.

Enjoying the Vermont countryside

Preparing to fly down the Connecticut River

Flying down the Connecticut River

Flying over Lake Fairlee with two Kayaker's below

Preparing to land with a good top view of our camper in the lower left hand corner.
I hope I get the opportunity to do this again!  Maybe, I should just take up flying.

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